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script + timer start
rough preliminary, explanations and #stuff will follow as time and chaos dictates
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for teh dribbles :
the Forest Down-below has had 0.151 SP in curation rewards in the past seven days
(syntax error is my middle name, i think my indian name is forgets-semicolons-all-the-time, its just testing the api-style of the curationscript here fast)
(0.021184243 USD) <<--- euh, testing okay, NOT financial advice (coingecko api), also needs a catcher in case of no or bad data from blockchain, yawnz, ... this is NOT satisfactory as the game stands still but at least i got something done ... even if its totally irrelevant, a bit like life for the last 20 years ...also:values are subject to market fluctuation and worth zero until sold for fiat and disclaimer disclaimer = i havent made a cent yet, sleep easy
updates and stuff hm ?
  1. yea, time to take my work back underground? ill be tinkering on the sites and the games but barely on steemit. I dont have anything good to say and im annoying myself getting sour like that ... but all things considered, the whole setup was built around post shit get money. Its not gonna be that easy to re-model it into your next facebook-for-likes and i can't begin to imagine the potential malice ... the army of 15sp downvoters is steadily growing, the random-bots for all i can see. I think that will inevitably lead to opening the door to hard-coding the blocking of accounts OR filtering out downvoted content in the UI/front-end as the upper echelon seems completely unable to adapt to any kind of new thinking (unless you consider newsteem new thinking? cos it looks like the old crud² to me). They could do worse than cast worthless downvotes, they could gather , load SP and post daily, utter crud, all of them, essentially overloading the ever-growing blockchain and im not even a hater, its just showing me that i dont feel well in this environment atm, so hater being creative as they are there's potentially a lot more damage that can be done ... youtube, twitter, all the TEK5 and the big ones actively remove 'offensive' feeds ( equals content that might harm the company legally in most cases they dont really actually CARE but the money, and thats business after all). Cronjob posting works, twas an absolute pathing thing but still im gonna turn down morgan to a minimum, do one witnesstracker a week on rudyardcatling, one post on @tyrnannoght on the game weekly (maybe more when the washed-up beach gets live but i have no intention of 'just promoting on steemit') and the occasional cat of steemit on ubasti, the rest can keep voting and the vaults will do passive ... as it IS about the money after all ... i must be the worst person in the world then :) If it doesnt sell to a bunch of Crypton-hoarders because it doesnt have a promise of making you rich (like monsters for instance, all hail the salesforce of UltiMatt but i dont buy it ... in-game items devaluate with every new expansion so the cardonomics has a flaw ... ofcourse i can be wrong about everything and in some cases i hope i am ... the truth wont change the facts and wether i say it or not will not make much difference, but anyone can take heed ofcourse, especially the salesforce and try to figure ways in which i'm wrong or what i say no longer applies ... not up to me ... i just wanna do my video-game, wether it sells or not ...)...sure thing : good content and the concept of good is defined not by HOW MANY PEOPLE agree or disagree but by how much steempower disagrees : in essence the guy with 1 million gets 1 million votes and the guy with 1 gets 1 so 500.000 people thinking GOOD are nullified by one guy thinking bad ... so my point about its all marketing bullshit ... i could go on for hours and thats exactly what im sick of, so im gonna try very hard not to. And then, no offense but the re-delegation is practical as the ones on rcat are atm used for stats, smartsteem is gone for downvote-promoting (actively) also no offense, but i cant get with that ... appreciater hasnt paid yet and the ones getting 0.001 ... im not mother theresa but ill keep them on for a while just to get the numbers ... jumbot has , for some reason been upvoting rcat for i cant remember how long after i removed the delegation after steemcleaners wrecked sakhmet and maahes for 'not being steemit' ... (go figure there the point about the one guy with 3 million and such...) so im gonna leave the 200 on morgan, harfli doesnt respond on discord , for the time being. As if i need to explain myself ? i dont but well ... and this and that, and when things change or switch so will i but its not longer anything i can see as being part of my actual future lol ... please do prove me wrong
  2. the bad gateway errors, i cant do much about it and its a free service so theres not much to complain about and im not gonna pay MORE money before i get some balance in the green, dearie, its a hobby after all, leftover from schemes , lies , smoke and mirrors and yet another dopamine promise i fell for :)
  3. She who brings forth sent a servant to the Shady dealer (+1000 gold to #theshadydealer severe experimental)
  4. He who stands beside Her was seen scheming with the Shady dealer (+1000 gold to #theshadydealer severe experimental)
  5. Cat of Shadows and his entourage hired the Mudpits Tavern for a private meeting (+10000 gold to #mudpitstavenrkeeper severe experimental)
  6. She who brings forth spread bountiful blessings across The Cattle (+100 gold to zone funds severe experimental)
  7. Lady of the Slain and her entourage spent a night in the Mudpits Tavern (+10 gold to #mudpitstavernkeeper severe experimental)
  8. like this : steemitboard throws a beach party at the washed-up beach (+10 gold to zone funds - severe experimental) - not the intention that i decide that for anyone if ever anyone would set anything to sponsor status but my accounts are mine, those accounts are theirs and bots are bots ofcourse ...
  9. Nebethetepet was seen outside the Dungeon down-below, weaving dark magics (+100 gold to zone funds - severe experimental)
  10. Sanzu was spotted in the Forest down-below (+10 gold to zone funds - severe experimental)
... ...
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I:1 B:4 D:7 P:9 E:6 G:8 S:8 C:2 T:1116.122%100.000%.00430993504497366044will send on discord
doesntwantanameI:22 B:0 D:0 P:0 E:7 G:4 S:6 C:1 T:4131.271%100.000%.00577655620569273207will send on discord
probablydoesntknowitshereanymore1I:0 B:1 D:6 P:8 E:0 G:2 S:8 C:0 T:6111.647%98.700%.00048991528316984066will send on discord
I:2 B:2 D:7 P:5 E:3 G:6 S:4 C:3 T:9104.454%99.800%.00346938144022922926will send on discord
probablydoesntknowitshereanymore2I:1 B:1 D:0 P:3 E:6 G:7 S:7 C:4 T:2104.587%100.000%.00262855674032815258will send on discord
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Subject X-13I:0 B:0 D:3 P:0 E:5 G:6 S:8 C:0 T:2-30adcf52291c187d5401e40ee33f4a1500a3d275
Subject X14I:0 B:0 D:2 P:3 E:1 G:7 S:6 C:6 T:9-d794e431399b7155e11df5abd88c689eab1660a1
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Zone funds
the css is on strike ...
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the outer ringI:0 B:0 D:1 P:6 E:4 G:8 S:8 C:6 T:2-77055c20797cac039975379386535f4dc49dcf5a
the cattleI:0 B:0 D:0 P:6 E:7 G:4 S:6 C:0 T:0-d0ffc7b6ec87c7e4fa9c769c5f31ac8fcd800e6b
lowtownI:0 B:0 D:0 P:5 E:2 G:7 S:0 C:7 T:5-b07e4ebea84635ab9d1639665370d2e8d6146912
limboI:0 B:0 D:9 P:2 E:3 G:1 S:5 C:7 T:2-e0b9a6b77f6fb497349addc597a57bc1fd9d30a7
the washed-up beachI:0 B:1 D:6 P:8 E:2 G:7 S:3 C:9 T:0-72b6c505650a807fb12624a0554afe8a13d7f42c
the western tunnelsI:0 B:2 D:5 P:0 E:4 G:0 S:2 C:9 T:3-900ecf9bdf98018460af76f01ac4d1fc630fd722
the mudpitsI:0 B:2 D:6 P:3 E:8 G:7 S:3 C:0 T:6-08e5c869e1f6ddef629c2016016ac9a287e87d59
the forest down-belowI:0 B:1 D:2 P:7 E:5 G:5 S:5 C:9 T:8-74e28426e7fba7605f07e9ce80a6784c96661b4b
the dungeon down-belowI:0 B:1 D:5 P:7 E:4 G:7 S:2 C:2 T:4-1dadd149f563839e52ed7f0bb486fdd04c7b1821
NPC funds
the css is on strike ...
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#blindmelonI:0 B:0 D:0 P:0 E:0 G:0 S:7 C:5 T:9-974fb0b2faaa26b776827a8c687831d4595dc498
#charonI:0 B:0 D:0 P:0 E:0 G:0 S:0 C:6 T:7-953714c7a3cb3158ea74dc54f7b2dd5c8d394f74
#mudpitstavernkeeperI:0 B:1 D:0 P:0 E:1 G:0 S:7 C:3 T:9-c41e554ecf6c74fd9c01daf3f31c6db2ff682366
#mudpitstownguardI:0 B:0 D:0 P:0 E:0 G:0 S:0 C:9 T:0-7887872dcf54cc6f8a4f45b76775c6207cd485f9
#olespiceyI:0 B:0 D:0 P:0 E:0 G:0 S:7 C:3 T:2-21b8efae4c11e9d517c73da163537a4da850e268
#servantofthedarklordI:0 B:0 D:0 P:0 E:0 G:0 S:0 C:6 T:7-8a207e349cd902802538b25aded5c12972aac042
#thebackstreetboysI:0 B:0 D:0 P:0 E:0 G:0 S:7 C:5 T:9-e5a108e30772ab01e8367120b90ac697823aa99b
#theshadydealerI:0 B:0 D:2 P:0 E:0 G:0 S:2 C:6 T:1-b52b5d2ddcc7081ae98b1c86b9e79b776646347a
The inner Circle / Foreign Traders / Sponsors
the css is on strike ...
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minister LocutusI:0,B:0,D:2,P:3,E:8,G:4,S:2,C:4,T:6-5c750c1493bfc0ed2e95f58d0105154fc908732e
Lady of the SlainI:0,B:0,D:4,P:1,E:9,G:2,S:4,C:1,T:7-adcb70470a314df3c930c9f001726e89720e9e56
Cat of ShadowsI:3,B:0,D:8,P:8,E:4,G:7,S:1,C:4,T:8-2d6e872e1f4704363ca2b981b3204820df7193bf
She who brings forthI:0,B:4,D:1,P:5,E:1,G:2,S:0,C:7,T:6-a2354e9349aaaaf4cbf0e78eae9c0f13fd56affb
Anonymous VotersI:0,B:0,D:0,P:0,E:7,G:6,S:1,C:6,T:5-ac75e82b786e61cc66c6e77d4bd6b9b59cfeed17
He who is true beside herI:0,B:1,D:9,P:7,E:8,G:1,S:0,C:5,T:9-df47e979b2b208cc1196e13b9359d6c57d3b0a56
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